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WAN in figures

WAN in Figures

15 Years of Existence
16 Member Countries
16 Protection Directions
15000 Children in care
158 Civil Society Organizations
96 Grassroots community organizations
127Security Services
40 International Organizations
191 Government Social Services

Based on evidence of its effectiveness and relevance in the cross-border care of mobile children and young migrants, ECOWAS has recognized the WAN as a viable mechanism for the transnational protection and care of children.

In addition, the standards developed by the WAN and validated by member states have been adopted by ECOWAS and are now the ECOWAS Care Procedures and Standards for the Protection and Reintegration of Vulnerable Children in Mobility Situations and Young Migrants, officially launched at the November 2016 Copil in Cote d'Ivoire by the ECOWAS Commission Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender, Dr Fatimata Dia Sow.